Peyton Smith Photo Collection - many photos taken at McCook and Tinian

Excerpts from Peyton Smith's Memoirs

Ben Nicks Photos of the 1st Bomb Squad at McCook and Havanna

Capt. Ted Cale Photo Collection - great color photos from Tinian

1st Squadron Photos - photos here were sent in by 1st Squadron crew members or family and/or friends.

LT William Lea's logbook
, pilot on the Walter St. Denis crew.

Combat Diary of William Jesse Carter, Left Blister Gunner
Fling/Bertagnoli Crew 9th Bomb Group, 313th Bomb Group, 1st Squadron

S/Sgt Larry Westwater's Memories

Looking for Tinny Anne - a search for the Tinney Anne begun in 1997 by Howard Mumm and finished by Rick Feldmann (PDF)

Hell on Earth - This is a PDF file. Will load on top of web site.
(Excerpt of a letter written by LT Charles Frank, submitted by Dennis Lefkowitz). Lt Frank, pilot of Stan Black’s crew, would be lost on a mission on May 27 with the Black crew.

The Combat Records of Seymour R. Appleblood

Dick Baker's WWII Diary - Our crew was assembled at McCook on August 21, 1944.. The radar operator was allowed to pick the enlisted part of the crew. (Dick Baker was the radar operator. This is a PDF.)

1ST B-29 to land on Iwo For 74 days the island of Iwo Jima was pounded both by sea and air. On February 19, 1945 the Marines went in.

For the video of this landing go here https://vimeo.com/176761197

This is a transcript of the first radio broadcast on March 5, 1945. This transcript was donated to the 9th Bomb Group web site by Don Mockler, the nephew of the pilot, Edwin Mockler. The island was not completely secured yet. Repairs were done on the B-29 and it quickly left for Tinian.

Click here to listen to the recording of the radio broadcast of Lt. Malo on Guam.

Memoirs of 1st Squadron Bombardier, George Albritton (This is a PDF file. Click on the title to open entire PDF file) The 9th Bombardment Group was moved to Orlando, Florida in October of 1942 and consisted of three bombardment squadrons.


Dottie's Final Dilemma

Click on photo to read the PDF file


Big Time Operator - B-29 serial # 42-24791, was built at Boeing-Wichita, accepted in accepted in October of 1944 and sent to modification centers to get the latest revisions/upgrades that the engineers had developed.