Ready Teddy's Story as told by Glenn Emmet and Joihn Swihart. This Okinawa story has been with me all these years. I thought about it a lot when I read the story about the landing on Iwo of the Raymond Malo crew and I emailed Swihart that I thought our landing on Okinawa was about as eventful as the Malo's crew had been and that he should write it up........

Observations on 3 Sept 1945 - a letter sent home to is parents by Glenn Hurford.

5th Squadron Photos - Photos taken by 5th Squadron crew members and/or family members.

A First for the 5th - This story went around several years ago, but only to 9th Bomb Group members, as I remember. And on the 70th anniversary of the event, it's worth retelling......... Also a PDF file


Courage Behind the Blindfold - Part 1 - Book by Walter R. Ross. My story begins near the remains of a train station,annihilated by a recent bombing. I was one of ten captiveswho had just survived seven days adrift at sea in eight one-
man life rafts.

Courage Behind the Blindfold- Part2 - Hitting the Water

Courage Behind the Blindfold - Part 3-August 16, 1945, the ninth day following our departure from Tinian, our journeycontinued, once again tied and blindfolde we were put onto another train. (The End)

Eye Witnesses to History - . . .and horror, by Mike Nikitas. The Last American POWs, the first to see Hiroshima.

Hiroshima, Personally by Paul Levine. The debate over dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima — just how many American lives did it save? — has always been more personal than numerical to me. The devastating attack surely saved my father’s life, no small consequence to someone born three years later.

A Guy Named Ed-