My Journey Through Life, by William Crapo- a tale of one man's life from Pearl Harbor until his discharge and arrival home on the 15th of October, 1945.

They Bought Bonds - In May 1945, citizens of Riley County bought $632,000 in Series E Bonds and had a contest to name the B-29. From about 700 entries a girl named Pat Siwan, aged 12, of Manhattan, Kansas won the contest and the aircraft was named NIP-FINALE. Little Pat also got a $25 Bond.

Bill Feldmann's Day Off - Photo collection of Bill doing construction jobs on Tinian on his "day off".

99th Bomb Squadron Photos - an assortment of 99th Bomb Squad photos sent by crew members, family or friends.

The Congratulation Party - The mission was a night incendiary raid on KUWANA urban area, a city south-west of NAGOYA.The 9TH Bomb Group launched thirty-three aircraft on 16 July and they all returned unscathed on 17 July.

The Crew Returns to Kansas - The crew visits the William Allen White House in 2007. (This is in PDF format. Click back to return to the 99th BS Table of Contents.)

A Look at Nose Art
- In early January 2015, some very unique scans of a scrapbook came to light. The man who had made his scrapbook was 6th Bomb Group armorer, PFC Kenneth Spitko (This is in PDF format. Click back to return to the 99th BS Table of Contents.)
The Crash of the Big Wheel - This is a PDF file. It contains many photos of the downed aircraft, accident reports and eye witness statements.

John L. Wright: A Life Shortened by War