Interview with Lts. Black and Frank from Guam

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Lt. Charles Frank
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The incident referred to occurred 14 March, when that crew managed to slow-roll a 99 foot long, 141 foot wingspan, perhaps 100,000 pound aircraft into a dive that exceeded the design airspeed of 350MPH------and bring it back to Tinian. Inspections indicated one engine needed to be replaced, and wing panels needed to be changed by the Repair Depot on Guam, but no major wing structures were damaged. It’s only a guess that the 17 March interview was done when Stan Black and Charles Frank were dropping the plane off on Guam.

The “THUNDERIN’ LORETTA” was back into combat for a mission 27 March, and flew eight more before a take-off accident destroyed it on 20 May 1945, killing the Caldwell crew. The Black crew was flying “TINNY ANNE” when they were lost in combat 28 May, while laying mines in the area of Shimonoseki Strait.