Building the Cape Henlopen - The ship the Cape Henlopen was built by Pusey and Jones shipyard in 1942. The Ground Echelon of the 9th Bomb Group left McCook AFB on 18 November 1944 by train headed for Seattle where they would board the Cape Henlopen and would not disembard until after their arrival at Tinian on 28 December 1944.

The Cape Henlopen

When the 9th Bomb Group went to Sea - On 29, November 1945, the 9th Bomb Group were aboard a transport ship the Cape Henlopen bound for Pearl Harbor.

Interview with Lts Black and Frank from Guam - CBS Interview on the radio with Lts. Stanley Black and Charles Frank about the complete turn over of a B-29 for seven minutes. Worth a listen to! You can listen to the audio and read along on the actual transcription document.

Miscellaneous Photos - Photos from daily life on Tinian. Please send more if you want them on web site to Rick Feldmann, information manager for the web site.

B-29's Fly the Great Circle Route - September 1945

9th Bomb Group in the Great War - (PDF file) The war to end all war

The Winds of July - (PDF file) The month of July brought several changes to the Pacific air war. The XXI Bomber Command issued orders for missions 244 through 304. The largest number of aircraft on a single mission was flown solo by the 73d Bomb Wing on 24 July.

A Tip 'O the General's Hat - (PDF File) To all Women Volunteers of the Army Air Force - A letter of appreciation from the Commanding General Army Air Force.

August of 1945 - (PDF FILE) Baseball was the "National Pastime" what with the National League, American League, Negro League, Minor League, Major League....even the Womens League when there weren't enough guys left to keep up the games ! The boys had grown from sand-lot to Ebbets Field and more.

Deployment Orders of December 1944 (PDF file) Deployment orders in December, 1944 for all 9th Bomb Group Flight crews.

From a Footlocker -(PDF file) Photos of several different things found in a footlocker.

Another Footlocker- (PDF file) Photos of things found in other footlockers